3 Gill Muzzlebrake 1″ Chrome Moly


100% Canadian designed and manufactured Muzzlebrakes. 3 Gills at 15 degree rearward angulation for maximum recoil reduction. 2 top port to reduce muzzle lift and better follow up shots. Machined on 5 Axis CNC.

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100% Designed and Manufactured in Canada on 5 Axis CNC machines.

Material: Chrome Moly, no coating
Diameter: 1″
Threads: 5/8″x24
100% Machined on 5 Axis CNC in Canada
Bore is 0.250″, to be enlarged by your gunsmith, or can be bored to any calibers on request (0.030″ over nominal.
Brake has to be timed by a gunsmith or the use of crush washer (1- Crush Washer Included)

This is the Chrome Moly version, for Stainless finish see other product style.

Gunsmith installation recommended, GST Precision does not assume any responsibility after the brakes are shipped to the customer.

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Weight.5 kg
Dimensions10 x 5 x 5 cm


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